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The Year of Murillo turns Seville into the best city in the world to visit in 2018 according to the prestigious brand of travel guides Lonely Planet.

The news has been announced worldwide in a ceremony in the Virgen de los Reyes square with the directors of Lonely Planet and the cultural delegate of Seville, Antonio Muñoz. The Year of Murillo has been the protagonist of an event with projections, music and live acts.




Seville, 24th of October 2017. The famous travel guides publisher Lonely Planet through their publication ‘Best in Travel 2018’ that selects the best destinations for the following year, have chosen Seville as the number one city to travel in 2018. The news was made public worldwide last Tuesday at 15:00 in a ceremony in the Virgen de los Reyes square in which Murillo, about to celebrate the fourth centenary of his birth, has been the great protagonist.

According to the brand of travel guides the choice of Seville has been especially important to this decision with the great historic and artistic riches of the city, the revitalisation during the past years and especially the celebration of the Year of Murillo in 2018. The selection of Lonely Planet will support the projection of this event worldwide: the mailing campaign of Best in Travel was sent to 1,400,000 people in 2017.

The delegate of culture, tourism and urbanism from the city hall of Seville, Antonio Muñoz, the manager of the Seville tourism committee, Antonio Jiménez participated in the announcing event celebrated in the center of the city. From Lonely Planet, Javier Zaldúa, director of the brand in Spain and Nuria Cabrero, chief editor in our country assisted in the event. The global director of marketing and communication in Great Britain, Laura Lindsey, was also present through a video.

The event was hosted by the influencer María de León who focused her speeches on the details of program from the Year of Murillo. Margot Molina, journalist of El País and author of the Guide of Seville from Lonely Planet assisted also attended.

The event started at 14:40 with a music session in which a DJ mixed baroque pieces with contemporary music. Afterwards, María de León has announced on the stage the motive for the act in front of numerous citizens and tourists. The Year of Murillo counts from now on ‘’with an exceptional partner’’.

‘The fact that Lonely Planet has chosen Seville as a favourite destination, as the best city to visit in 2018, a decision made by tourist and experts of his editorial line, is essential to position Seville as an essential destination for any person that wants to travel next year.’ said Muñoz who expressed gratitude for the distinction. Furthermore, the delegate of urbanism, culture and tourism indicated: ’It is a great recognition for the all tourism sector of the city and to all the people working daily in tourism. We are a puzzle around tourism and this prize is for all of them.
Javier Saldúa has been in charge of revealing the reasons for the selection of Seville. ‘It is the first time that a Spanish city gets this recognition, this is an impressive accolade. Seville has a lot of history and this recognition of its artistic riches and the vitality with which the city faces the future, together with the Year of Murillo has been fundamental to be selected as best city to travel in 2018’’, declared Saldúa. At 15:00 this important news has been released worldwide just before showing the Year of Murillo promotional spot.

Beforehand, from 11:00 AM on, a street marketing campaign in which two actors interpreted Murillo and his helper were telling citizens and tourists some of the details of the event, a cultural program that from November on will include numerous exhibitions, itineraries and other cultural activities.

The program of the Year of Murillo can already be accessed through Here you can also get tickets for the inaugural concert with the viol player and director Jordi Saball, also available are the tickets for the exhibition ‘Murillo’s trail in Seville’, a show curated by Benito Navarrete.

Best in Travel 2018 de Lonely Planet

The publication Best in Travel from Lonely Planet is the most anticipated ranking of the best destinations that should be in all traveller’s wish list for next year. The leader in travel guides reveals the Lonely Planet expert’s selection of the 10 best countries, regions and destinations with the best value for 2018.

Seville is followed by Detroit (USA), Canberra (Australia), Hamburg (Germany) and Kaohsiung (Taiwan). Chile occupies the coveted top spot of best country to visit in 2018 and the number one region in Best to Travel in 2018 is Belfast and the Causeway Coast in Northern Ireland together with Alaska and the Slovenian Julian Alps. Tallinn, Estonia was selected the best price-quality destination of 2018, followed by Lanzarote and Arizona in the USA.

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